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8-Quinolinol hemisulfate salt
Product Name: 8-Quinolinol hemisulfate salt
Alias: 8-Hydroxyquinoline hemisulfate salt
CAS No.: 134-31-6
Molecular Formula: C18H14N2O2.H2SO4
Molecular Weight: 388.39
Structural Formula:
Purity: ≥98%
Melting point: 175-178°C
MDL No.: MFCD00013095
Beilstein No.: 3760550
EC No.: 205-137-1
Properites: Yellow or light yellow crystalline powder, soluble in water, slowly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether, the case of alkali decomposition, which has strong hygroscopicity.
Use: A powerful metal chelator
Keep in storage. Dark dry and ventilated place
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