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Triphenylmethyl chloride
CAS NO: 76-83-5
Molecular structural formula: Triphenylmethyl Chloride
Molecular formula: C19H15Cl
Molecular weight: 278.78
Appearance: off-white crystal
Melting point: 110-113℃
Boiling point: 230-235 oC (20 MMHG)
Specification: (HPLC) 99% min
Packing: 25kg/drum (vacuum packing)
Hazardous code: R14;R34;R50/53
HS code: 29420000
Uses: it is a basic organic material of pharmaceutical chemical industry. In the production of drug and organic chemicals, it can be used as selective protective group of hydroxyl group and basic chemical reagent in the synthesis of polypeptide
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